Unknown disc

i am trying to burn onto brand new 4x DVD-r discs (Laser brand) but nero doesnt seem to acknowledge they are in the drive. basically in the burn diologue it says unknown type. It also says it only want to find R/RW discs and not just write. Is there any way to get nero to recognize this disc. i did mange to get it to find the disc once but not anymore.
hope someon e can help. i am using nero 6 reloaded with all the updates.

@ TrevorM
Sorry to break the bad news to you, but…GIGO…GarbageInGarbageOut…those discs are very poor quality. The Laser brand uses 5 or 6 different MID for -R discs and they all are bad. The few your drive is reading/recognizing are the ‘good’ ones, but I bet they burn as coasters. You may burn 50 of these and get 2 or 3(or maybe…NONE) useable discs. Do yourself a favor and save yourself many headaches and spend a little extra and get some quality media. It is cheaper in the big picture when you consider money spent per successful disc(not including time wasted and headaches endured). Search the hardware forums for your drive type(and firmware) as to what media brand/MID works best with your drive.