Unknown Disc errors?

Lately I have been getting a lot of “unknown disc” messages on my players after completing a supposedly “successful” burn. I mainly use Fuji DVD+R discs, but recently had to buy Sony. Could this be the problem? (Although the problem did occur in the past with Fuji, but not nearly as frequently) I’m running 3.09 beta. One other question, admittedly a probably stupid one! Once you get a “failed to burn” message, or “unknown disc”, the disc is no good correct? Even if it “failed to burn” it actually tried and therefore can’t be recorded to again, correct? I just want to make sure that all these discs I’m throwing out are actually useless.

They may not be useless. Open them with Nero CD-DVD Speed and it will tell you if they are still blank. It depends on how far the burn process got before crashing. I would also try another type of blank. When I can’t find Verbatim I get Imation and have had good results.