Unknown Device Problem

I have no idea what happened or why my cd drives are under unknown devices. When i try to open up ATIP reading applications like Nero InfoTool or SmartBurn it hangs the system or doesn’t work. Other than that, the drives work fine for reading, burning, and flashing. If anyone has an idea or suggestion, please help because this problem has been here for months and I can’t find out whats wrong. thanks!

Have you tried to boot up in safe mode, and delete both unknowns, as well as the IDE ATAPI controllers. then reboot and let XP try finding them again?

Also, have you done all updates?

I just re-installed iTunes, rebooted and now everything is working properly in the device dialog. It’s really strange, i’m guessing iTunes had something to do with deactivating a service for cd burning. Still have one problem that i’ve always had, those ATIP reading applications dont work yet. I’m guessing its this Samsung CDRW, i’m going to exchange it for a LiteOn pretty soon to see if that’s the problem.