Unknown copy protection on SVCD -- advice?

I’ve got a disc that I can’t figure out how to back up. It’s an SVCD I got from a tour company after taking a trip to North Korea (yes, they do have tours there).

I can view it with VLC without any problems, but the MPG2 file can’t be copied off, it gives an error -36 (I’m using OSX). The Finder reads the disk as having a total size of 1.2 MB, and if I try to rip the CD to an image with Toast, Disk Utility, or PowerISO I get a 1.2 MB image.

CloneCD created an image file of about 500MB (which powerISO converted to a 430MB ISO file when I tried that – I was trying everything), but when I mounted that and tried to play it VLC reported one sector in four as bad, the image was black, and a shrieking noise came from my speakers.

I’ve tried all the copy protection detectors listed on the site, using a WinXP virtual machine through Parallels Desktop. Nothing detected, but I think those are mostly for games anyway.

Any idea is appreciated, any solution even moreso! Until then I wait… :confused:


Which template have you used?

Have you tried to clone it on a xp machine rather then through the mac? What version of clonecd do you have?

Have tried cloning on an XP machine, no luck. I’ve tried templates Audio, Data, Protected PC game, none of them worked.

clonecd is version

Try using ISO Buster to rip it.

Alcohol 120% has many different protection schemes in it that you could try. It’s a Windows app however and is free for 30 days.


Tinsby :smiley:

SVCDs are quite different to normal data CDs. They store 2352 bytes
in each sector instead of the 2048 bytes per sector of a data CD.

I used to use cdrdao on Linux to copy SVCDs.
http://cdrdao.sourceforge.net/ I have seen
some reports of it running on OSX.

That’s it, in the end it was just a format issue, there was no copy protection.

found a solution on another site, how to extract the video from the disc.


So the advice given here in post #5 was helpful, then :wink: