Unknown CDR error

Using an LG GWA 1464B DVD writer my Drive is now giving me an unknown CDR error using Nero 7 while copying an image file. It’s toasting my DVD discs that used to work, both Sony 16x and Fujifilm 8x. On top of that my drive has trouble recognizing the blank media (Refer to my post on burning rings).

I think my drive is now in serious need of replacement.

Is your burner latest firmware and how old is that unit? And what kinda file are you burning? What kinda exact error is it saying-just mentioning the error wont help much to solve the problem.

Firmware is almost non existant for that drive. The unit is maybe a year old. I’m burning an image file from a TV series that I DVD Shrinked off of a DVD. My drive used to burn okay with these discs but lately the drive seems to have trouble reading the blank media and won’t allow the 16x or 8x write speed only 4x.

When I did get the 8x or 16x burn options I burned the image using Nero 7 burning ROM and I get Unknown burn phase as it’s burning, then the error Unknown CDR error pops up and I look at the disc and it doesn’t look like a good burn at all.