Unknown Artist/Songs When Burning




I’m trying to burn a CD for my Wedding Favor. I am using Nero (SmartStart) Nero Express I believe - version of the whole suite is

My problem is that I input all of the Artist / Song info, title of CD etc… everything and yet when I burn the CD and play it back all of the information shows up as Unknown.

I would really appreciate any thoughts anyone might have on how to fix this.



You have to burn this info as CD-text, if your drive does it (shall do, but…).
When you play it back from the burned CD, the “player” has be support CD-text (sometimes its necessary to configure the player to show the info). The one from Nero (Nero Mediaplayer) uses to show it with no changes from the default.


Okay thanks. I will check. The burner is a brand new external MadDog MegaSTOR 7 in 1 16x DVD±RW, supports double layer at 8X. I was playing it back just on windows media player. I will check to see if there is an option for CD-text when burning etc… I will check - thanks.


Hmm… I don’t see any place to insert this text on Nero. This is a newer version of Nero also. I’m confused - this must be a very basic problem that many people have. I even tried buring the CD on another computer using windows media player - burned fine but same thing - none of the detailed info on track, title etc… showed up - all unknown.



try ExactAudioCopy.



If the burner doesn’t support cd-text then you are out of options…


This is a common issue.
Most likely, the player you are using for playback does not support CD-Text.
No matter how many CDs you burn with CD-Text, if the player you are using for playback does not support it then you will not see the information, even though it’s there.

The only way to test this is to playback on a player that you [B]know[/B] supports CD-Text.


Maybe you turn out here again Rock, sorry for being 4 days late…

If you have the SE edition (the one that uses to come with drives)

When you add the tracks, you can write the data (name of music and artist) as you get the boxes for that. But if you want, click on Properties and you go to a window where you can write the CD-text indications.
Down the menu you have a button called “More”, just look (I don’t know how many clicks you need, and it keeps hidding…) and you get the possibility to write the name of the album and artist for CD-text.
Obviously, the drive must support the feature…

If you have the retail version (at least for vers.6, suppose 7 is no dif)
When you create the project, you have options to indicate a lot of things including CD-text (album and artist).
You can call the projects properties at any time and edit it.
The same as in the SE edition, for each individual track.


The mad dog is a nec.


That’s the reason I did refer Labelflash, as some NEC drives support this way to print labels on DVD.
Anyway it is supposed to support CD-text using Nero.