Unknow Read Sense Error?

Hello All,

First excuse me please for my bad english, it’s hard for me to be understand.
Second, thanks a lot for this knowledge base website, i take my night under all the thread of this section.

I currently (trying) developping a strict CD copier with SCSI_PASS_TROUGHT and the mmc1 to 6 under my hands. I get an original protected CD name “C&C Generals” i have buy a long time ago.

when i arrived a sector ~800 a get an error with this key sence

Key: 0x05 Asc: 0x64 AscQ: 0x03

Ok it’s certainly a bad sector but i dont find the Sence definition

i just find:
05 - 64 - 01
05 - 64 - 02

but not
05 - 64 -03

My reader is a Cibox (i know what you think) Ref: DVDRW IDE1108

When i try with Nero or Other burner soft i get the same error at the same sector and the reader wait a few second after each error but continue…
This soft dont handle the sense meaning too

But Blind Write (demo) can read this CD correclty and quickly !!!

  • Can someone tell me where can i find the entire Sense Key Definition ?
    (other than MMC6)
  • Can someone know how to contact Cibox support ?
  • Can someone have an intuition ?

Thanks in advance



Ok, perhaps my question is so hard sorry.

I have found the real manufacturer and the Chipset of my reader:

The real mmodel is: BT CDRW 1108

The Chipset used is: MT 1818E

Can someone have the datasheet of this Chipset ?
Can someone Know the spécific sense error ?