Unix Iso



Does anyone know where I could get a Unix ISO so i can burn it in Windows, i know that
windows cant read the files it self…



What flavour/distribution ?

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soloris primarily, any other will also do =)


Check out this FTP site:


It contains lots of Linux ISO’s.

If you want solaris, take a look at:http://www.sun.com/solaris/.
I dont know a site that has a version of Solaris for download, if anyone does, post a reply.


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If you’re looking for free/open/netbsd check out tucows.com

If you live in holland you can download FreeBSD images from the software section of xs4all.nl

BTW. Just one more thing, openBSD RULEZ!!!

For all your CD needs


Thanks for the help Ava, but like im lookin
for pure Unix stuff, like soloris or something, ya gotta pay for soloris if ya get it from Sun…so can anyone help out?