University studies Microwires - potential CD-ROM replacement

I just posted the article University studies Microwires - potential CD-ROM replacement.

 Microwires which were originally invented for military purposes in  the old Soviet Union are being studied at the University of the Basque Country  as a medium for storing data.  A...
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Harddrives are way cheaper…

I remember reading of plasma drives and the infinite storage capacity of quartz crystal, same problem, no way to coherently retrieve data… :X

I don’t see a problem with the pick-up head. Since the microwire is flexible, you could just wind it up (like the first hard drives) or maybe even put it on a surface so it’ll look like a CD. But it’s all science fiction for now, in the past years we have heard of so many ‘great’ storage inventions that I only believe in one ever happening if I see it in the store.

No mention in the original article how simply dropping a microwire could erase the magnetic information stored on it! If it is to replace CDs or other optical media, this technology cannot be so vulnerable to magnetic fields and shock. This technology is a ways off.

OH GREAT! Now I am forced to update again ! My customers are yelling at me and asking me to transfer their stuff on MicroWire… What am I going to do now? I wish we could stick to ONE technology… I can’t bloody afford to update every year… First it was CD and DVD, which became obsolete and now it’s BluRay, and now MicroWire ? BS ! This is an OUTRAGE!