University of Florida develops software to block P2P applications

I just posted the article University of Florida develops software to block P2P applications.

TheUniversity of Florida has developed an open-source program called Icarus to cut off and prevent users from using peer-to-peer applications. Last Spring, up to 90% of their…

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Someone will hack it. Only a matter of time.

hahahahaha as always Alienooze !!! :g

Norbert Dunkel ???..c’mon…NORBERT DUNKEL ???..who would hate a child so much as to call him norbert dunkel…coulda called him cuthbert…:X

“even LAN games” Those sick bastards.

I dunno… forbidden use of internal LAN is a little bit extreme. But using free Internet bandwidth for law infringements is wrong, and should be forbidden. What people do with their own bandwidth (the one they pay for) is their own business. But students shouldn’t break the school rules.

yeah, you’re right. LAN games, that’s a little much I think :r

Well I dont know what this university pays for bandwidth, but at the University I used to be at they had some kind fo flat rate arrangement, and you just payed £100 a year for the privaledge. They did give occasional users warnings/disconnects about p2p usage but the vast majority got away with it I think.

“University of Florida develops software to block P2P applications” It’s called ‘a firewall’ :slight_smile:

What keeps someone from setting up their computer to deny all packets from all servers inside the university’s IP range? They could then specify specific IPs that it would allow to connect. They can’t deny you access if they can’t see what you are doing. Right?
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Fine for a university but the ISPs know full well why people buy broadband - for P2P! Sure killing p2p would reduce bandwidth usage by 85% but it would also reduce customers similarly!

I have been kinda worried latley, I do not use P2P software, kinda childish if you ask me, anyways now that most peope are not using it anymore,I am kinda scared that my ISP might notice me downloading more then 9Gigs a day, I have been doing this for so loing now, but I was hoping that P2P users where doing the same thing.

Hasn’t anybody heard about a HTTP-Tunnel. They can’t block HTTP traffic or nobody could get webpages. Just use a tunnel and you are set.