Universities SUCK!

My school doesn’t allow P2P sharing on its network…

Kazaa, Morpheus, WinMX, AudioGalaxy…NONE OF THEM WORK.

Anyone know how I can tweak it to get my Kazaa Lite working? I know its risky but how else am I supposed to take advantage of this damn T1 connection? Any info would help…

P.S. I can’t even get on mIRC! I can’t do my job as the CD Fairy. :frowning:

I wonder if they are just blocking the ports that those programs usually use. I know there is a way to reassign the ports. I think WinMX allows you to set them manually. Not sure how to do it in Kazaa, but I’m sure some smart people in this forum know of a way.

In WinMX its under settings, and you can manually set the outgoing/incoming UDP ports etc.

As sort of an aside, are other people experiencing trouble getting logged in to WinMX recently? I can’t seem to get past the yellow while it is looking for the network connection. It doesn’t seem to be only my ISP either, since I tried another computer on cable (I have ADSL), and same problem.

httport is something I remember.
That program was able to remap all ports through the http port (80).

IRC can also be accessed through www.ircnet.info -> webchat

Tax…it gives me a new window which says, “Access is Denied.” Oh well…I hope you guys are doing well in IRC without me. Tell everyone I said Hi.

Neveer heard of a university not allowing p2p. Strange. What about AIM, does it work?

btw, i have become schizophrenic for some reason (absence of people) on the irc chat thing, so its pretty boring. get your irc up!

AIM works…AOL works… <sigh> yay </sigh>

They allow us P2P in our university in Greece :slight_smile: .For sure audiogalaxy worked(think has closed) and e-donkey still does even under Linux (ML-donkey).I think you have to install it at your personal directory not at the default where admin access is required.If you are going to use e-donkey download the server list from http://ocbmaurice.dyndns.org/ .The donkey:bigsmile: is good for DivX movies(thats what we are doing with it:bigsmile: :bigsmile: ).Audiogalaxy was good for mp3s.
Hope this helps.

Originally posted by FlyingDutchman
Neveer heard of a university not allowing p2p. Strange. What about AIM, does it work?

They sure do, mu university does this too. But this didn’t bother my friends, they found other ways :wink:

It’s a recent development, but with all the lawsuits being tossed around, a lot of universities don’t allow the use of p2p file sharing services on their networks.

Getting around it is probably possible, but is it really worth the potential risks to your education or your campus ethernet access?

I talked to the Housing Staff and they told me there are ways to tweak P2P apps to work because its been done before. However since there is a cap on our bandwith the school is able to monitor who is downloading at an “unusual” rate compared to others. Basically if you get caught, no internet for you in your room. I think I’ll just have to d/l at home and burn it to a CD to take to my dorm. Oh well…thanks guys.