Universal won't join Napster pact

I just posted the article Universal won’t join Napster pact.

Source: C|Net News

According to C|Net one of the 5 major music companies, Universal, won’t join the deal that Bertelsmann made with napster…

Universal won’t join Napster pact…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/942-Universal-wont-join-Napster-pact.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/942-Universal-wont-join-Napster-pact.html)

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napster may not live forever, mp3 sharing will, there are already many others… based in countries which say up yours to the US justice system…

try knarly at circlebox.com

it is the new napster

long live mp3

thats www.circlebox.com

Thanx but URL isn’t working !
Could you ckeck it out ?

"GNARLY! allows users to share files in any format including Word, Excel, graphics, Zips, and MP3s.
"Unlike Napster and iMesh that require a user to download
proprietary Windows software to exchange files, GNARLY! allows
users to search and retrieve files with GNARLY!, a Web browser,
or FTP client. GNARLY! must only be installed when users want
to share their own files with others.

“Virtual load-balancing” is an advanced feature found only in
GNARLY!. If 2 or more users offer an identical file (ie. the same
MP3 track) “round robin” routing insures that bandwidth is shared
equally among all GNARLY! nodes serving up that file.

Users can swap files via GNARLY! Index Servers (GIS) or in
user-created groups called “Cliques” which are made up of 2 or
more GNARLY! dudes.

Integrated chat rooms and firewall support round out the features

Link to Developer’s Site:

But the link doesn’t work.

This device doesn’t work correctly. I change the device by a new one: same problem. Impossible to write verbatim CD-R, fujifilm DVD+RW. Write is possible on verbatim DVD+RW but it is not readable after… No firmware available (1.01 is the latest, and I have it)

I have to agree with Jeremy, I was completely disappointed. It is a piece of fetal matter.

1.05 is available here: http://www.optiarc.eu/en/support-service/downloads/fw_dvd-writer-ad-series.html

on 01.03.2008 the fw v1.05 is ONLY for the P-ATA version, NOT for the S-ATA !!! >1.05 is available here: >http://www.optiarc.eu/en/support-… >service/downloads/fw_dvd-writer-ad-series.html

1.02 is now available at http://www.optiarc.eu/en/support-service/downloads/fw_dvd-writer-ad-series.html