Universal Wants to get Greedier with iPod

I just posted the article Universal Wants to get Greedier with iPod.

So it turns out that the Zune deal that Universal cut with Mircrosoft, is something that they want to try to pull on the iPod as well. I guess starving all those artists and being a part of the…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12707-Universal-Wants-to-get-Greedier-with-iPod.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12707-Universal-Wants-to-get-Greedier-with-iPod.html)

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The only madness I can see is in the people that support these DRM riddled devices the companies behind them and their throwback cousins- the music industry. If everyone would simply stop buying this crap, it would all go away. Within 6 months, you could “buy” MP3s with no DRM whatsoever.

Its extremely easy to buy DRM-compatible devises like the iPod and use them without ever touching DRM by sticking with mp3s. Don’t accuse people who buy DRM compatible devices as being mad. Accuse people who buy DRM-ridden content as mad. If people kept buying iPods but didn’t buy anything from iTunes, Apple would sit up and take notice (and maybe get the message).

If you buy them you support them. Simple as that.

^Agreed. Buying their product is being 100% in support of them. Even if you don’t like what they do with it, you’re still saying to them, “Hey, keep it up! I like it!”

All I can say is if these guys win and a fee is paid per iPod, if I ever got sued I’d hire a damn good lawyer cause I’m pretty sure I could argue it that I’d already paid them a royalty for it so either they give me back that royalty and then sue me because I haven’t paid for the music or they piss off because I’ve already given them money! iPod users use iTunes Music Store ALOT - its sales figures prove this and the profit they make the RIAA should back thisup. To ask for money on hardware sales is just shooting the hand that feeds you!

I though the oil companies do get a share in each car sold. That’s how they kept the 200 MPG carbureuter off the market. :B