Universal to release copy-protected CD in U.S



I just posted the article Universal to release copy-protected CD in U.S..

And again an article on a big website about audio copy protections, this time it’s Universal that releases a copy protected CD in the U.S.

The CD’s will contain a sticker so you are able to find…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2981-Universal-to-release-copy-protected-CD-in-U_S_.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2981-Universal-to-release-copy-protected-CD-in-U_S_.html)

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I think I will go buy this CD so I can send Universal back a burned copy with a big FU label on it. Wasting money, they never learn. :+


Actually, I’ll wait for someone else I know to buy it, borrow their disc, make a copy and then send a copy with a big FU;) That way I don’t spend any of my $$$


I had no problem ripping this CD. Go to forum and see general chat for description.


Won;t play in my DVD player? that sucks!!!


The only thing that these companies seem to respond to is massive amounts of complants by avegage people. So if every one starts bitching to the companys instead of each other stuff like this can get solved. Lets start a Revolution, power to the people baby :d


a lot of the people i know didnt start pirating music until the music industry started making a big deal out of it. its like they say “treat someone like a thief and they’re going to act like one” :slight_smile:


These copies should cost less since they have less functionality overall. I would not pay the same price for a ‘new’ cd that does 1/4 of a regular ‘old’ cd and also has ‘altered’ quality for protection proposes. If all cds go this way, then prices should drop (they should anyways, regardless of functionality in various devices) just because of the new product’s usability overall. It’s like buying a new loaded car, and then next year’s model costs the same, but it is the base model minus the engine!


Wow !! That protection works great!! Thats why the songs are all up on Morpheus!!! I’ll wait until they put out a CD that I would actually “think” of buying with protection on it so I can buy it,burn it,rip it,and oh yeah SHARE IT !!! LOLOLOL !!! :4


I plan on buying this CD, open it, and return it all on tuesday. Acording to the web site; http://www.musichelponline.com/ They have told the retailers that they will allow purchasers to return for a shopping list of problems. If we all do that all they will look at the total number of returns and that will send a message to Universal, the distributers, and (most importantly) the retailers! Imagine Wal-Mart getting a few thousand purchases and returns all in the first week.