Universal to release 100 HD titles exclusively on HD DVD

I just posted the article Universal to release 100 HD titles exclusively on HD DVD.

Despite Universal sticking with the HD DVD format, they decided not to make any major title announcements at this year’s CES, which disappointed early adopters of the format. Now, with the show…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12945-Universal-to-release-100-HD-titles-exclusively-on-HD-DVD.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12945-Universal-to-release-100-HD-titles-exclusively-on-HD-DVD.html)

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This is exactly how VHS overcame Betamax – the “trickle-down” effect. Others will follow…

You know what they say, history repeats itself. :B

Blow-ray We need one single format for movies and it should be HD DVD.

I’m more then happy to wait for Universal to wake up and start making releases on BluRay, or convert them over myself with recordable BD-Rs in time.

I’m more then happy to wait for Sony to byte the dust (as they did with Betamax) and start making releases on HD DVD. :B Jokes aside, the"one format exclusive" studios like Sony, Fox, Disney, Universal are stupid. They miss the pontential money of the other camp, and they try to “force” their will upon us. They should publish their movies on both formats and let the customer decide. Hey, they make movies so people can watch them.

“early adaptors”?

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“With Universal still reluctant to support HD DVD”. I think this is not correct, right? By the way, long live DVD. :g

HD DVD will prevail. Blu-ray blows chunks. :X

This format war blows chunks. We need hybrid HD DVD/Blu-ray RECORDERS! Everything else is half-assed garbage.

It’s sad, but if people on here didn’t equate BluRay with Sony, then the comments on here would be completely turned around. The fact is that the last time Philips, Panasonic, Pioneer and Sony got together on a format the CD was born. When’s the last time Toshiba even made a good DVD burner, yet alone an optical format? HDDVD will suffer from the same lame ass support that has plagued most Toshiba hardware. It will work for a while, until they get sick of offering updates for their hardware that’s more then 1 or 2 generations old. Then you’re screwed. At least with Philips and Pioneer we know support will be excellent :B

Will somebody win already?! I need to future proof myself for the next generation of formats. Bluray for data, HD-DVD for movies.

hd-dvd camp really needs to work on making the recordable drives & disk cheaper…far cheaper than bd it would be also nice to see higher density hd-dvd for data backup…something like 25gb per layer would be nice not just 17gb per layer that triple layer 50gb disk announced while ago

@shimman: I think Toshiba has already lost the recordable media side of the next gen. format war. They’ve pushed back their burners again and again, and I’m honestly surprised any blank media manufacturers still support them! The only market that HAS an HDDVD-R burner right now is Japan, where BluRay apparently owns more the 90% of the HD-Content market already. (seriously, why did Toshiba do that? wouldn’t it have been smarter to release the drives in North America where there is a better chance of them affecting the format war??). As for the 3-layer 51GB HDDVD disc, Toshiba is already running into problems with it, as it breaks the existing HDDVD standard. There is at least a decent chance that even Toshiba’s own HDDVD players won’t be able to play the new media. And if that is the case, I don’t think the DVD-Forum will approve it.