Universal to offer movies online in effort to stop piracy

I just posted the article Universal to offer movies online in effort to stop piracy.

NBC Universal Chairman and Chief Executive Bob Wright said on Tuesday that he was prepared to offer Universals movies online. Citing the music industry as an example of what can happen if…

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hmmmmmmmmmm sounds like too much to soon again funny old world aint it

i wonder how many times they will screw up before they take their heads out of their collective “a$$es” and do some polling to see what america (or whoever they deam to be their “target audience”) wants. also, how much of their “lost profits” are they going to send on marketing this and then decide it isnt working and give up for something w/ more DRM that will work even less and die just as quickly. Pi.

I think this is great if they remember one thing “Quality”. I am not going to spend my money on shat quality. Movielink has shat quality. I don’t know about cinemanow but they offer high bit rate video so hopefully it aint to bad (700kb isn’t high bit rate 1500kb is though) This is the right step to being sucessful though. They are finally catching up. People would rather pay for this stuff then to worry about getting caught by the fbi or something. Also this stuff wont have compatability problems if viewd on a pc only thing it might have problems with is on the ipod (remember Apple is opening a video store soon).

Goodie, better quality rips that people can pass around! :stuck_out_tongue: I concede that the studio is on the right track: if people are going to be downloading movies, the studio may as well do something to cash in on it rather than spend all their money fighting it.

it would be cool if companies like universal let you download the movies in h264 with aac or mp3 surround audio in both 700mb and 1400mb versions, protected with drm, so they arent watched for free. i still personally wouldnt pay for it as im skint, but people who like movies in their own home who have money would like this.

It comes down to four things: Method of delivery, quality of content, DRM, and price. For my part, I would need a movie I could download in a few hours, tops, so that if I knew what I wanted at 5PM, I’d be able to watch by at absolute latest, 9PM. The quality would have to be equal to current MPEG-4 rips of DVD’s or better. Price needs to be competetive in one of two ways: Either I am allowed to make a copy to DVD-5 media for one price, or the content is time-limited like a rental, for a much lower price. The first method would be preferable, but if both options were offered to consumers it would likely boost sales. If Universal offered a solution like this that did not require that I use some special software program hooked into my system (read: one that comes with evil EULA strings attached or that scans my files when I’m not looking), I’d certainly consider it, especially if it let me get fairly recent releases, and saved me money compared to theater pricing.

It’s funny that they would mention using bittorrent for their distribution when they find it perfectly acceptable to poison trackers. What’s to stop anybody from doing the same thing to them! HA! :d