Universal to bring back discontinued music as digital downloads

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    No matter 

how many music stores one may pop into, they will only cover a small fraction of
all the music ever released. For example, when albums leave the charts and
sales fall to…

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WHEN are they gonna start selling lossless tracks (flac, ape, wav, shn, whatever) instead of crappy MP3??? I mean, i’d get an album for $8 instead of $12-$15, and not care about the artwork and case and even the disc itself. But paying 8 bucks for mp3’s???

The day I can no longer walk into a physical establishment, browse actual media, read the liner notes and investigate the artwork that said media has been packaged in while listening to the music is the day the idiots have managed to completely remove all joy from the music buying experience. Hopefully I’ll be before then.

What is your issue with MP3’s? Is it just because there are some slightly better codecs out there or you got a personal grudge? And unless you got a $1,000 system I dowt you can really tell the difference between the ones you’ve listed and a very high bitrate MP3. Then add on the fact that this article is about old music which was recorded with poor mic’s and there is no difference . . .

These guys could also do what music stores were trying to do in the mid-90’s and that’s allow the consumer to buy the songs he/she wants, then have the option of providing a physical CD at an extra cost. They could give the consumer a chance to design their own CD label and jewel case liner, again for an additional fee. They could also provide those who choose to get a physical CD, the lyrics on the jewel case liner for songs that original came that way on the original record/CD release and for songs that didn’t have the lyrics published the liner could indicate that. There is a lot of potential here.:g

It is really a shame that the majority of the young kids feel this way. They have no idea how music can sound because they are so used to mp3s and the ‘over loud’ and ‘hardly mixed’ CDs that are put out today. Get a decent system and you can really tell the difference.
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Not true. You can hear the difference betwene MP3 and CD quality in almost every system, especially when the music is acustic. As for pinkish complaint: you will not see lossless tracks on the large on-line stores because it means that you can create CD quality CDRs that can be copied without any DRM control.

Bullshit. 128kbps vs CD. I can here the difference on my iPod ear phones, let alone my decent home speakers. I encode all my music at 256kbps MP3, I tend to find it very hard to here the difference around the 192kbps mark. Agree 100%. We want lossless, heck even if it must have DRM. At least then we can burn to CD and re-rip to whatever we like without losing quality like a 128kbps WMA > CD > 256kbps MP3. Ben :slight_smile:

Define “discontinued music”. Music where the copyright has expired?