Universal throws in the towel on reduced prices

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  According to Los Angeles Times  today, Universal has decided to raise prices on CDs after other labels did  not follow suit on lasts years price reductions. It's also believed that the ...
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I have to agree. DVD’s offer better value for your dollar than a CD by far. Not only that, the average CD contains maybe 2 or 3 songs that a person actually WANTS. This is the key to why download services are thriving. A lot of people want to buy their music, BUT, THEY want to control what they buy. This bundling of crap with songs you actually want is history. Yes, I know all about the newest attempts to raise prices on download services for “popular” songs or to bundle them with, um, “less popular” songs (AKA pure crap), but, if they do that it’ll force people back to P2P networks. This is the point the idiots at the RIAA are missing…it’s not about downloading illegal music, it’s about consumer choice. And when you don’t give the consumer a choice, they’ll find other entertainment or will go the illegal download route. In the end, no one’s going to pay MORE for a CD that doesn’t provide enough value. It appears these absolute MORONS at the recording studios are going to have to learn this the hard way. 1> We raised CD prices 2> CD sales fell 3> Blame P2P networks! Yea, we’ve seen THIS nonsense before…

“Is the decline of stereo CD matched with a rise in SACD and DVD-A” Hardly. First of all SACD is ad hoc rubbish (read the specs and how it was “developed”) and neither technology has any market penetration to speak of compared to stereo CD. Also, read the Harvard report that was just released - it will show the real state of the onion (that’s not a misspelling) on the music biz and the effect of artifical increases which are now normalizing. Regarding Universal, a company tried a revolutionary and customer-oriented approach. It should be lauded for the effort. The ever-greedy majors naturally chose to ignore it. So be it - it has been written in salt.

Sounds to me like they want to ram DVD audio thru the customer throats. How such a “sacred cow” as the Music CD is now all of the sudden is “pathetically underpowered”?. I understand what the DVD Audio brings to the table, but the sure bet is that not everyone can copy DVD’s …yet! As for DVD technologies go, well you’ll also need the hardware to get full advantage of it…is NOT such an easy migration for everyone. From what I read there, they just put downloads as the perpetual excuse…they just want to sell the new stuff (which is of course more expensive) and have the advantage that not so many people have DVD recorders…this will change in about a year though…:stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll believe that DVD audio is a force in the market when I can walk into Future Shop, Best Buy, HMV or Music Express and find fully one quarter of the purchase options to be in that format - not before. Will it be that way in a year? I rather think not. We were conned with the shift to CDs - that con job is not likely to be repeated in any great hurry.

vynil rules.

I like the ability to rip CDs onto my computer. I like the ability to play them in all my CD drives, in my stereo, walkman, and car stereo. And I like the fact that I can lend them to friends without worrying about whether or not they can play them. Personally I’m sick of companies trying to get us to buy things of higher quality that I bet most people wouldn’t know the difference (besides multichannel). And I don’t think most music needs to be multichannel. Besides these new formats make iTunes downloads seem even worse quality, no? And yes bill gates, vinyl does rule :slight_smile:

I buy DVD-Audio’s and SACD’s! There is nothing like having your favourite music available in the top quality possible! I think its most certainly worth it! However, a lot of music I like isn’t even available on the format in the first place. Where on earth is Chili Peppers? They need to sort out the release dates and have every new album released on the format as soon the CD version comes out!

As a European metalhead, DVD audio is simply not an option. The bands I listen to don’t release audio DVD’s so there is no point in buying the hardware. Even if I wanted to buy the hardware, it would be to expensive here. So, … call us conservative.

I’m perfectly happy with DPLII :+

Ok here goes, thought about this a long time to reply or not. I am starting to be a old man of 40 years and this is how I see it. To me most of CD’s released today are pure crap, I don’t want to insult anyone or say that all artists are crap. It’s just my personal taste. From the 50’s to 60’s there was a huge baby boom and all those kids have grown up with 80’s and 90’s music and saw the transfer from vynil to cd. Most of the music from that years I have on Origanal bought cd’s, yep I did not copy them or dl from p2p. But still, I can’t remember when I bought a new cd the past few years ! The music these days is not my taste and maybe (a big maybe) for most pieps of my generation it’s also not their taste. In the country I live thats a big group of the poupulation ! Several comments on the price: 1. Do there studio dudes know that there is a recession going on in most countries ? 2. Do these guys know that if you have 2 kids it’s very exspensive to buy original CD’s or DVD’s (they want all the lates games and movies). 3. That VHS tapes (who are exspensive to produce) are even cheaper then DVD’s (who are very cheap to produce) ? Do they think we don’t know that, and that we don’t like it to be ripped off ? 4. That region system on dvd’s is just there to protect the cinema’s and video rental stores in Europe (cause most movies in the U.S are released on DVD while they still have to be shown in cinema’s in Europe). 5. That there are clever guys out here who buy the DVD in the U.S., subtitle them, and spread it on the internet ? Yep here in Europe alle DVD players and television sets can hande PAL/NTSC & SECAM). So to these studio dudes, run like hell to Uncle Bush and tell him a big guy took you lollipop. Maybe he can make a law that puts this guy in jail. How many of you lollipops have to be stolen before you alle wake up ? You guys invented the system (DVD/CD etc) and the people at home found a way to play them on all devices. So wake up, join the party and give people what they want instead of complaining by papa Bush ! Where I live they put extra tax on empty DVD+R and DVD-R (50 euro cents on +R and 1 Euro on DVD-R) to compensate the studio’s. So what do I do these day’s, I order them in a country (in Europe) who does not have these stupis taxes and let them be send to me by post. Is Europe not great: Free traffic of goods and people :slight_smile: And do I feel guilty if I back-up a movie or CD (forgot, also extra taxes on empty cd’s here) on a CD/DVD in my country ? Hell no, I payed the tax for it ! Will I switch to SACD or AUDIO DVD, at this time…no ! There are great audio rippers on the internet, and I make normal CD’s of them and play them on my stereoset. I am not gonna join a new rip off from the studio’s and pay much $$$$ for new hardware. But then again, I am just a old man… Greetz to all, Lenco

Sry for some typo’s ! At the part of DVD/CD’s I bought, I mean, the CD’s or DVD’s I bought in my country. Did that for a long time and payed the tax for them, now I do not. Lenco

Still not cheap enough. I won’t pay more that 6 or 8 bucks fo a cd. Thats all it’s worth. Will I switch to some "new"format? No. I am no audiophile so I can’t tell the difference. I’m also sure they will want to charge more movey as well just like when they switched from viny/cassette to cd. Here is the real reason for decline of cd sales. Competition! Video games cost a whole lot more and they sales a lot. People have a limited supply of money. I video games cost the same as about 3 cds. DVD movies. No one used to buy movies. Now people own a lot and buy them weekly. So your entertainment dollars are more spread out and cds just loose. Of course P2P has some fault. O and of course sueing the fans has turned even more people off of cds. I for one was still buying some cds but since the lawsuits I am boycotting. I own about 700 cds but I have stopped buying now because the Riaa is evil. By the way I am turning 40 this year and I still think there is a lot of good new music coming out. It’s not on the radio but if you look there is a lot out there. :S

Two things: 1. What makes recording companies think that we want to keep buying titles we [U]already own[/U] over and over, a la vinyl/cassette to CD? Ridiculous. And I haven’t even SEEN SACD or DVD-music for sale where I am, so I have a hard time believing that’s making much, if any, contribution to reduced CD sales. 2. There are other factors at work in the decline of CD sales that the recording industry doesn’t want to consider. Example: Most of what is put out on CD nowadays is crap. Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that Joe Sixpack likes Band X, which is a crap band, but let’s just say he likes it. In the current economy, even if JSP is employed, he’s far more likely to hold on to his dollars just in case he finds one sunny Monday or Friday that he is no longer employed, or he’s going to spend it on essentials like food. I don’t know about you all, but I find myself spending FAR less on entertainment than I used to, since (at least in IT) there’s no such thing as job stability anymore. Nix
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Well, guys, good writing all of you. I want to go bit idealistic now. Just a dream….Why those bloodsuckers charge us for plastic, bits, vinyl, VHS tape etc. It’s time to buy the rights. I want to buy rights to song or movie and I want it for free on any carrier or means it can be '“ I want it on CD, I want it in mp3, I want it on DVD or on anything I want. I don’t want to buy DVD and although there is a technology to upscale it to HD you still can not watch it in HD because to do that you have to buy another HD-DVD. Then you will buy HD-3D-DVD with the same bloody movie. I want the world that once I go to the movies I automatically got the rights (once and for all) and I can watch later it in my bedroom, in my kitchen and in my car (in my work even '“ do not tell my boss). Well, dreams over; still was nice one though. Regards. Marek

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As someone who does own a dvd-audio/SACD player I can speak to the price of the medium. The SACD I bought not three days ago cost me $ 15 US. For those of you who have not heard or think you cant hear the difference between SACD or DVD-Audio and a regular cd, that would be akin to saying you cant hear the difference between a 96Kb MP3 and a real CD. Or, that you cant see a difference between VHS and DVD. I would much rather pay $ 10-15 on a multi-channel high fidelity disc than some DPLII regular CD for the same amount. I too have not bought a regular CD in years, but I am buying the occasional SACD or DVD-Audio disc, primarily concert discs, it wonderful to hear the artist moving across the stage and to hear the audience “behind” you as if you are in the first row. Im not sure about other countries, but the Pioneer HTIB that I have was relatively inexpensive for a 5 disc progressive scan dvd changer/receiver that plays both of those formats total cost was $ 350 (employee discount) retail is $ 400.

i agree with everyone about the bull**** DVD-A and SACD st the majors are trying to push down our throats. St you’d think they would of noticed by now that MP3 is “good enough” for probably 95% of the music consuming public. personally i have not purchased a store bought cd in over 5 years. i get all the trance and house i can handle off the net for free. and to those that like more traditional music like pop and rock, etc… well anything you want is out there, if you know where to look. i think the music CD is a dying format. its just so much easier, and simpler to burn a cd with nothing but tunes on it that you love. who in the f**k actually buys pre-recorded cd’s anymore anyway? i dont know of any. that of course doesnt mean people are not buying cd’s, cuz i keep up with sales and stuff. but i see the net, and burners being the death knell for music cd’s eventually. [expletives modified]
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