Universal remotes



Hi all, im just fresh new on this forum and i, for the life of me, cannot seem to find the code im after to get my universal remote controll working:doh:, the make is “one for all”
The model is:
URC-7542 B00

I would be ever so greatful if i can get this info or be pointed in the right direction.
Cheers Jim.


I couldn’t find the URC-7542 B00 at the US site.

Are you in the UK? At the European One-for-All website, I found this setup guide. Just enter the 7542 B00 number to start. http://www.oneforall.co.uk/en_UK/support


Yes ty Kerry for your reply, very much appreciated, yes im UK and i will try that out and get back to you with the outcome, thanks for your help.:smiley:


Who is the maker of you universal remote?? That would be where you should first look on the web the name matching your universal remote. I think I found the UK site since reading Kerry56 comment.


It seems they have a model similiar to yours. But you should be able to search that site for you exact model if the link isn’t the right one.


Usually if you leave off the “B00” that is the correct # .I’ve use oneforall remotes for a long time.
What device are you looking for the code for ?
I found a manual for it here:


Tx for replies guys!

Iv followed all links and on the onforall link i got a list of codes for the model and tv make(ie. BUSH),

iv entered the codes as they should be entered but none had worked, think i am on a dead end.

Is there anymore suggestions, my concerned aint realy the remote controll its the fact that as i aint gota working one my tv jumps channels when i swith it from the button on the tv itself.

Anyone gotta fix for that even? ty Jim…