Universal remote inquiry

I just acquired a LiteOn LVW-1107HC1 without a manual, power cord or remote. The manual and cord were no problem but I would appreciate info as to an appropriate universal remote to use with this unit. I have a Philips (three number code) 4-unit universal I use with everything else but it won’t operate the LiteOn even though I went through a complete function search. Anyone out there have experience with this?

harmony remotes are very impressive and a price tag to go along with it. search around for one and be sure to read reviews. here is one from amazon.com. harmony remote


I have had one of the 550’s I managed to pick up for $95 Canadian for a while now. It operates my LCD TV, Home Theatre System, Dvd Player, Digital Cable Converter & VCR. It can handle more. Don’t buy from this link, it is just to show you the different models available. BTW they have great tech support online & on the phone, plus they keep everything updated.


I got my universal remote at the Dollar Store and paid, well, $1.08 (Damned salestax)…Doesn’t say if it’ll do a LiteOn LVW-1107HC1, but then again it didn’t say it could do a Sanyo either and that’s what I bought it for.

If you are looking for one that will just work on your LVW 1107 HC look here


Logitech Harmony work almost flawlessly. The sequence-method (turn on and select source) doesn’t work because of the bad timing. Furthermore the program is over 10 megabyte and keeps resident in your system tray (which is usless after you have configured the remote).