Universal Pictures to watermark all of its content and distribution channels

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  Universal Pictures is to start  watermarking the audio sound track of all its distribution channels using  Verance watermark technology.  This added watermark is inaudible  to people,...
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Aren’t mp3’s made by removing what the human ear can’t hear and then compressing the rest? DivX probably does the same thing. Wouldn’t this remove those watermarks? There is always a way around everything. :g

is it just me, or when you cam a movie you get really crappy sound, yeah, that watermarks gonna be real effective in theatres. :B And as far as putting it on DVDs, well, whats teh dvd player gonna do, make a magic connection to the internet? And wtf is the point of putting it on broadcast movies? thats just retarded. great job universal, you just mangaed to waste even more money.

The watermark is to identify the initial leak. Where it would probably got leak from.

Knowing Universal’s past, they’ll forget to put in on the DVDs and then recall them 6 months later.

After all of this they will find out some guy who gets paid 6 / hr is the leak, and they will fire him and replace him with another 6 /hr drone who will in a matter of minutes leak the DVD or whatever to someone.

Is it just me, or is this a stupid idea? Let me explain: You have a dvd, you give it to a friend, or rip it & transfer it to someone. OK audio is in perfect shape, video too. This person encodes the DVD (which is I believe MPG2) into a DiVX or an XViD. OK, audio is still perfect (but we’re not there yet). Now this person also encodes the audio (which is mostly converted to MP3). The principal of MP3 is to cut off the high and the low tones, which most humans will never hear, from the music. OK. Now my watermark is broken. Now MP3-encoders (like Lame or such) use advanced encoding algorithms just to lower the size the audio takes. Result: even badder watermark. The only way I see it’s possible is to add ‘noise’ at a specific place, different for each DVD. This is a pretty stupid ‘watermark’ but I guess it’s the only possible way to put it on a DVD. But then again. Will they regenerate the movie for each DVD? Or will they just create 1 basic DVD and add noise before each DVD is made?

I thought that watermark was broken anyway if i remember correctly. Seems like a waste of time as soon as the movie has been generally released anyway

Watermarks are designed to stay put even after compression. Usually one strong watermark and one weak watermark. The weakwater mark will be destroyed if you compress the file, the strong watermark will not. If the weak one is missing the device can tell this is a copy and not play it.

This is just to track down who leaked an unreleased movie to Kazaa or the groups. It wouldn’t make sense to track down something that’s already on DVD, etc.

Yoshix: movie companies already do video watermarks in theatres to “identify” the initial leak, they are dots that appear on certain frames in a movie, this audio watermark is just pointless in the theatres cause as said, when someones brings a camcorder in, the camcorder will not pickup the watermark.

IMHO The movie industry in general is just spewing out low quality movies one after the other. Out of a few hundred releases their are a few worth the viewing and your hard-earned money.
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I have a copy of resident evil 2 can’t decode with any software so far. This bites:(:frowning:

There is even more to come. Remember dvd-A? The players were designed to recognize the watermark. The purpose of this watermark will be to make sure your burned copies don’t play. The watermark would then get passed to the copy on the bl-ray blank disc. The player will see that aacs is missing on the blank disc which has the watermark, and it WILL NOT PLAY! Playback will stop after 15-30 seconds. So much for buying a standalone. It is only a matter of time before this finds its way in EVERYTHING.

VERANCE WATERMARK SAYS: Fair use, be gone!!!:cop: