Universal Music slashes 1,350 jobs as result of music sales slump

I just posted the article Universal Music slashes 1,350 jobs as result of music sales slump.

Quakester2000 and GristyMcFisty both used our news submit to tell us that world’s largest record company Universal Music is to slash 11% of its workfoce, that’s 1,350 jobs…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6901-Universal-Music-slashes-1350-jobs-as-result-of-music-sales-slump.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6901-Universal-Music-slashes-1350-jobs-as-result-of-music-sales-slump.html)

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Gee and maybe a person a smidge of common sense might also figure out that a 3 year recession could also cause lower revenues as well. The music industry isn’t recession-proof.

It’s pretty simple really. After the recent price cuts on albums, either the executives lay off 1350 workers and make the remaining lackeys do their work. Or suffer the chance of a reduced bonus cheque. Just lay the blame on the consumer again and piracy. It just gets easier and easier to boycott these greedy jerks. :r
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Shit ! …this is my fault …I never bought a cd this week…:X

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Hey Sherrif, the week ain’t over yet!! :+
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Heres one that hasnt crossed the mind of these execs… The music sucks! I listen to old music on CD’s in my car, I dont bother lsitening to the local radio station anymore…

WTF… those 1350 jobs are probably the ones that they dont need, or those people with those jobs are getting paid for something that should not be worth paying for. Like standing around :slight_smile: Respect my AuthoriTa!!! :B

Let’s just blame the decline on crappy music and the recession. RIAA, “You’re going down!”

It there was truth in media, it really should read: “Universal Music slashes 1,350 jobs as result of shoddy management”