Universal Music hit with anti-piracy suit - The pirates!

I just posted the article Universal Music hit with anti-piracy suit - The pirates!.

While the record companies are currently trying hard to fight against those who violate copyright laws, they now have seemed to broke one themselves. As they are now also looking in opportunities…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4567-Universal-Music-hit-with-anti-piracy-suit---The-pirates.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4567-Universal-Music-hit-with-anti-piracy-suit---The-pirates.html)

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Original and unique? Please. PC games have been including “PIN” codes long before the music industry. My credit cards also have PIN numbers. :r

DownloadCard, PIN code, bla bla, whatever. None of this stuff will work if they don’t lower the cd-prices. I’m not going to pay 22 euro’s for an original cd because it’s got access to exclusive (probably low-quality, WMV, protected) files over the internet. And I bet a lot of people think the same.

If copyright holders brake copyright laws themselves, it just shows that very few people care about breaking them.

I am shocked that i found the new unreleased bonjovi album already on the net so what does that say about downloadcard’s technology.

Hey, I got an idea. Lets try and get copyrights on every idea we can. Even though you can’t print a copyright symbol on an idea and there’s not exactly an easily accessible database of all known copy protected ideas. Then we’ll get mad when people use our idea. Even though they had no idea it was copyrighted. Now doing this to the RIAA, that’s fine with me. But sometimes the thought of copyrights and patents make me wanna vomit.

If the PIN allows access to material on the net…and Universal is in possible violation of a copyright…shouldn’t someone ask their ISP to remove them ?

FYI – news is spreading that DownloadCard’s attempt to block the Bon Jovi album got thrown out of court today. They lost. Looks like the whole thing was a stick-up. A lot of us were too quick to make assumptions and judgments that the so-called big company must be wrong and the “little guy” must be right.