Universal MP4 settings

I have been using Nero Digital, and lately AVS video converter to create MP4’s for playback on my computer for years. The original (non-avc) mp4’s used the simple quicktime settings and they have worked on all my equipment since. Druing the last year however, I have been playing with a Windows Home Server, Youtube, Zune, windows media center, Orb MyCast as well as a few others. I recently upgraded my Nero Software and saw that the options for mp4 creation have changed, I had been using the cinema setting on the old version, but started using the AVC. As such I get better compression but sometimes the different items I mentioned before don’t work well with that format. (eg zune doesn’t recognize it, streaming doesn’t work with other players).

Is there a “Universal” group of settings for optimal compliance. I really liked that the Zune could play the larger files without needing conversion to a smaller size, but the old mp4’s had more compression artifacts on bigscreen if they were compressed smaller than 60% of original file size.