Universal memory disc, any way to record these?



I just downloaded a manual for the Playstation Plus

I found out it uses universal memory discs, which are recorded in mpeg4 format.
Are there available blanks in this format, and can I record my home movie files to these discs on my DVDR burner?
Will I need to buy a newer DVD burner?

Thank you,


You could always just try to burn an mpeg4 file in data format to see if it can read it? Nero can burn nerodigital (which is an mpeg4 format if I am not mistaken) and I think it can do normal mpeg4 too. What software do you have? I am guessing that you will be able to do it with your current dvd burner. It’s just a mater of finding software that can burn it to a compatible mpeg4 format.


Thank you for your reply ript

I did some more thorough reading, (in console players on this board), and found out UMD discs are propritary, and cannot be recorded without Sony’s help.
The memory sticks hold Mpeg4 though and could be used to record movies to be played on the PSP