Universal may start charging for music videos on TV & Online



I just posted the article Universal may start charging for music videos on TV & Online.

  Up until now, record labels  have treated music videos as a free method of promoting its music.  As a  result, websites, cable and satellite TV operators have been providing...
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I can’t believe anybody is willing to pay for music adverts.


Please do, and watch their income decrease. Advertisement is the best way of getting people to buy anything! Look what they charged per second of advertising durning the superbowl in past years. The less forms of advertisement they have the less people will know certant bands exsest. I bet their next move is to charge you to listen to the radio, that will be the time I quit listening to music.:r


you have heard of satallite radio right cpuslayer?


I love it. Is this not poetic justice? For decades broadcast corporations have been in bed with the major labels. They have shunned independent artists, refused to give airplay to those not aligned with the major record labels and have licked the boots of their bedfellows. Now Clear Channel and all you big boys who have sucked up to the majors all these years; How does it feel to taste the hair of the dog? I am loving this. I can’t wait until some GexX genius comes up with the idea of headlining independent artists and labels on major portals and broadcast outlets. Gosh what a novel idea.
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we don’t technically have to pay for the radio, but the radio stations do have to pay royalties for what they air don’t they? They just use the advertising revenue to pay for it? Satellite Radio you have to pay for, but at least theres no commercial (or less commercials). I guess stations like VH1 would just have to start paying the royalties. I think music videos are kinda loosing their steam these days anyways. Maybe the royalties would just be the nail in the coffin.


So first they cripple our cd’s now they want to charge for royalties for promoting their own wares. How freaking long till they start charging royalties for every person that sings Happy Birthday, or even for those damn annoying songs that get stuck inyour head. This is ridiculous, but of course it comes from the American way, if we aren’t making enough money, then let’s rape the people cause they are morons and will do whatever we tell em.


IMHO this is great news!!! Contemporary music videos have little to do with music and much to do with brand marketing… both the ‘brand’ of the artist themselves and more directly the large corporate brands via unsubtle product placement within them (feel Coke Cola, JVC, Motorolla etc pain if the distribution of these videos is impacted :B ). The marketing techniques used in these videos are mainly crude sexual imagery: whenever I’m stupid enough to flip to MTV all I usually see is a string of gyrating, semi-naked nymphets promoting the ‘religion’ of consumption (what music?). Don’t get me wrong, sexual imagery can be great, but not when it’s just used for selling things! Maybe these greedy bstrds charging for their own advertisements will curtail somewhat the current bombardment the public gets promoting a few mediocre musical talents, and will consequently allow some interesting music to make it through into the mainstream? We can hope!


MTV? There is no MTV anymore, it died long time ago. Now it’s just a bunch of melodramatic, whiny reality dramas. When there is a music video all it is now is; a bunch of young, look at me i’m pretty but don’t have any talent, please buy my music because i’m shaking my butt and showing you some cleavage ‘artists’. Don’t get me wrong just like jazzstorage, i like a little t&a but not when it’s used to try to sell me something. That’s an insult to my intelligence. Here’s some half-naked women (or men if you’re a woman) please buy my sludge. What will probably happen now is, now that MTV has to pay for videos the smaller artist will become less known because they won’t want to pay for him. If you rely only on videos to buy your music, you’re doomed to buy whatever they tell you to. It does make me worry about what will happen to small video shows like JBTV which airs here in my city. What they may do is now that they have to pay for these videos , they will show them. Hm, is that a good thing or bad thing?:slight_smile:
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I hardly ever watch music-videos anyway, so I really couldn’t care less. The artists who really push vids are usually the crappy ones anyway, so if they’ll be losing out on $$ it’s all good by me.


These companies really are trying to shoot themselves in the foot lately aren’t they? not content with trying to alienate their consumers and all the negative publicity due to their “legal” actions, now they want to charge for their own ads.


Ah!Ah!Ah!!! No one can stop them…they are after any cent they can get…now they want to get revenue from their own marketing video clips, even if don’t know anymore what to put into as content, just to be different video clips tend to be real crap. Let’s go…they charge, you don’t pay… …You don’t pay, you don’t see the advertisement, … You don’t buy the record/video…just fine!!! They lost their minds and got a cash machine as a replacement… :d:S:B


Its great when you get to your mid 40’s and start to have a little say in what you buy and what you don’t. The big companies see you as a Cash Cow and ready for milking as you are starting to become a little more solvent and ready to spend a little more money on consumer products without having to borrow money. Tell them to F…k OFF and see how they get on without our money, I DO IT AND IT FEELS GOOD! Ps. never give the stores your zip code or other personal details at the checkout, but offer to sell it ot them. Also terminate your digital subscribtions and shop around. (It messes their sales people up):*