Universal lowers wholesale CD prices to bring down retail prices

I just posted the article Universal lowers wholesale CD prices to bring down retail prices.

  While  fighting piracy with lawsuits does not seem to be helping to bring users back  into the shops, Universal is trying a plan which music lovers have been asking  for all this time: ...
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With the outright condemnation of all music lovers as being pirates and the subsequent jackboot tactics employed by the RIAA, it would be cynical to believe this would entice all but the “real” pirates back to the fold and in fact has already seemingly degenerated into a wholesale/retail shitfight…for myself, it will be a looooooong time before I step into a music store to purchase a cd album and when I do it better be full of “good music”…until then I’ll be putting together my own, occasionly bending over and exposing that part the RIAA and music companies have been telling us to kiss for a long time… :X

Me too Sherrif. I keep reading more and more about how crooked these labels are and I just don’t feel right by buying the products that support their existence. It is time for a change in management. :r

Stop complaining you too! Oh heck, today’s music is bad anyway…Keep complaining! :B

I still ain’t gonna buy copy-protected Cds. no matter how cheap they are. 2 examples: Iron Maiden are my favourite band. I love Iron Maiden. But the new album (‘Dance of Death’) was copy-protected, so I sent it back to the web store, who gave me a refund. Dido’s new album is priced at only £6.99. I like the artist in general, I like both singles released so far - but I ain’t gonna buy the album. Why? Because it’s copy-protected. I would buy it at this price if it wasn’t copy-protected. The record companies are going to have to stop trying to make it illegal not to buy their product (!) and actually give the customers what we want.

I never thought of the copy-protection. If Universal copy-protect their CDs with copy protection, it is as good as being greeted by the shop staff saying “You can buy our low price CDs, but don’t even think about copying them!”. Oops as usual, if the prices are attractive, there must be a catch. :r

Here in the states there are no Copy protected discs.So unless I really want to keep the disc.I just buy,burn and sell sometimes for more than I bought it for.:B

Incorrect, there are a few that are protected in the states. Also, you’re last statement offends me. It’s those type of attitudes that give the people doing legal backups a bad name.