Universal for parents

i actually dont have a universal remote. still using 5 different remotes. i have been looking for a universal for my parents though. you know its just to hard for my dad to remember how to use more than one remote. i have been impressed with the harmony remotes mainly because of the one button sequence. this way they dont have to change the inputs on the tv and the home theater system. they have an ilo tv from walmart, a samsung home theater system (think its a HT-TX75) and dishnetwork.

does anyone have experience with the harmony or the ‘one for all’ remotes? or any others for that matter?

thanks, troy

i’ve had a lot of success with all in one remotes and am glad to be shed of the clutter. although i’ve only used the ~$20 variety, i’ve always wanted a harmony. the initial setup of the harmony would involve a little more work up front, but the ease of use afterward would be well worth it.

I have 3 harmony remotes and think they are great. The setup can be a pain for some devices, but once they are setup right, they are very easy and convient to use. Further, I have many cheaper remotes (one for all non learning, rca etc). I have yet to find one that will control all my stuff (and or provide full function). I would at least recoment getting one with good learning capabilities as it eliminates having equipment you can’t fully use it with (if you are looking at other remotes besides harmony’s). If you have the original remotes for your equipment, you can learn any command and remap any command to any key. Any special functions where there is not a sutable key can be controled on the lcd (there are 4 or 6 buttons and you page through screens of commands). Also, be aware that functionally, the cheapest harmonys can do anything the more expensive ones can (though they may have less buttons or a less desirable layout). Personally I like the cheapest on I have (520) the most.