United States charges Chinese and Taiwanese companies for stealing Micron DRAM technology

Originally published at: https://www.myce.com/news/united-states-charges-chinese-and-taiwanese-companies-for-stealing-micron-dram-technology-85382/

The United States Department of Justice has charged Taiwanese company UMC, Chinese company Jinhua and three individuals for crimes related to a conspiracy to steal, convey, and possess stolen trade secrets of American chip manufacturer Micron. The charged individuals are reportedly former Taiwanese Micron employees.

IMHO, if a company wants a complete monopoly on a technological idea, they should have to disclose the idea in at least one patent. That way, when the patent expires, others can make their own implementations of said idea. The whole point of patents is to promote progress, whereas the point of trade secrets is anti-competition, so you can imagine why I prefer the former.

Sure, whatever that moron - Donald Trump - wants you to say.

If a corporate acquisition is evil, shouldn’t Wray be looking at American companies? Pretty amazing how corporate accountability seems to apply to countries that align with an orange orangutagn’s racism, when when powerful white people do the same thing, everyone turns a blind eye.

“National security” my butt!