Unistall Problem

Ok heres my problem

I did a system restore on my computer due to afew problems i had created
after that i found “Nero 7 Demo” wasnt loading
I went to unistall it and re-install it and it came up with “Shellmanager database is corrupt or missing”
It also is still in “Add or Remove Programs” but has no “remove” button

Is there any way i can completly remove this program from my computer?

Thanks if you can help

The Nero Clean Tool might help - some have had success with it, some haven’t (I used it once when an update of Nero 7 messed up my install, worked well for me).

Might help. :slight_smile:

I use Nero General Clean Tool with 6.6 every time I upgrade or downgrade to a different version. Always works great!

Thanks guys, Nero Clean Tool worked hell good saved me a re-format

Thanks Alot