Uniquely IDing optical discs


Does anyone know, in a Linux environment, if it’s possible to obtain some sort of unique ID from CD-R, CD-RW and/or DVD-RW media? I’m preparing to write some software to function test optical drivers for a computer recycling operation, and I’d like to retire the media after a certain number of tests due to the likelihood of physical damage accumulating on the discs.

If it’s possible to get a unique ID easily from the discs (using cdrkit or similar tools) I’d be happy to use that; otherwise I will need to generate one and write it to the discs myself.

For an unmounted disk: cd-discid /dev/scd0

(scd0 or whatever your device is)

Also, Mediainfo for linux is a free download, not sure if it’s what you need.

Thanks, I’ll try those when I have some more time for testing.

For reference, I’m going to be depending on whatever can be installed via apt-get in the Ubuntu 9.10 universe.