Unique identifier to each disc


I think I have some confusion about the Media Code and what it represents.

I am currently under the assumption that there exists on each and every blank DVD made in the world a globally unique identifier for that particular disc. And that this identifier is etched into the burst cutting area and can be used by CPRM to protect copyrighted material. Is this true?

What I seem to be finding out is that not all discs have this identifier, and even if they did, not all DVD writers can read it. If such an identifier does exist, does anyone know of a list of DVD writers that can read it?

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That’s bullshit. The only identifiers on a disc are the hub codes and MID (and the PFI if you want to get anal). There can be several hub codes for a given MID, but it’s far from unique to every disc. An MID is used by the DVD writer in order to determine the speeds and write strategies to use. Differing hub codes can be placed on the discs by the differing manufacturing plants.

You have nothing to worry about when you’re backing up your movies.

If you burn DVD-R, DVD-RW or DVD+RW (not DVD+R), the drive recorder will record its model and possibly serial number into the lead-in though.
For example, my LG burns its serial number into the DVD-Rs, while my LiteOn doesn’t.

Thanks for the replies. My purpose is not to copy movies, it is for an application I am developing.

Here is where I got my initial information from:
http://www.dvddemystified.com/dvdfaq.html#1.11 (look under bullet #5)

These state:

“BCA stands for burst cutting area, a zone near the hub of a DVD reserved for a barcode that can be etched into the disc”
“Each blank recordable DVD has a unique 64-bit media ID etched in the BCA”

So - this is completely false? Or do just some, but not all, blank DVDs come with this ID?


I think you are talking about CPRM which is used in DVD for Video blanks. Each CPRM disc has a key in the BCA which is used to decypher contents on the disc itself. But not all discs are CPRM enabled and you can only find this on DVD-R/RW and RAM and not on +R/RW AFAIK. In Japan CPRM is used for recording Satelite and Digital TV to DVD-R. You wont be able to write to a Disc without CPRM when trying to burn protected contents from the TV to Disc.

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Thank you Koba. This clarifies it for me. After your post, I knew what to search for on the web and hit this site:


Which states exactly what you just did.

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