Unique HDD problem



Hey everybody let me start off by stating its a 250GB Seagate Internal HDD, ok so two days ago my computer was off when my friend tripped over a cord hooked up to the PC and it fell from its desk down onto a mattress (haha lucky place for the extra matress I guess) anyways on its way down it struck the wall but not real hard. After setting it back up I tried to boot it up and it did just fine. XP loaded up an everything was working, although it seemed a bit sluggish and after using it for a couple hours I turned it off using my keyboard. Well before it shut down a window appeared on my screen displaying the message “format of drive C not complete” I have no idea why that message was displayed because I did nothing at all related to formatting a drive, the only thing I did was play music and run a virus scan. Anyways when the window popped up I had no time at all to stop my computer from completing its shut down. I immediately tried to boot it up again and the first time BIOS did recognize the drive was there however it would not load up XP, after another reboot now BIOS wont even recognize the drive. BIOS still recognizes my DVD drive as well as everything else on the PC just not the HDD. I had tons of music movies and photos on it that I would hate to lose. Has anyone else run into this problem before and if so what results did you find. The HDD still powers on an spins and doesnt make any loud or clunking noises. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated. This seems to be a great forum. Thanks for any an all help :bigsmile:


Try checking the connections, both the power and IDE/SATA, to the HHD and the motherboard they may have loosened during the ride to the mattress.