Uninvited visitors

Had an odd thing happen tonight as I was about to go to bed. I heard some strange sounds in front of my house and turned on the front lights to see what was going on. A group of javelina hogs (peccaries) were out there, and one was chomping down on the dry food I set out for a few cats that live in the area. There were five javelinas, all full grown adults, and not too happy when I tried to shoo them away. They weren’t impressed when I tossed a brick at them, so I hopped in my truck and backed up at them. They scattered and I haven’t seen them again tonight.

They aren’t normally found in my section of West Texas. They normally live in the mountains to the west and south of me, and those are a fair distance away.

That is so odd. Weird things have been happening my area also, for the first time since I can remember I have had black bear going through my garbage. We have a lot of wildlife here, deer, fox, big turtles, a few mountain cats, they only come down during the winter, but black bear haven’t been sighted for many years. I think its got something to do with the air, I do not have any evidence to back up my claims, but its just a feeling. 2020 has been the strangest year for a lot of reasons.