Uninstalling when deleted program files. Help!

I recently installed Soldiers of Fortune 2 Multiplayer, but had a problem with OpenGl or something. I read somewhere that if i deleted the program files and then installed it again it may fix the problem. When i deleted the program files, i could not install it again because it said it was already installed. How do i completely uninstall a program when i don’t have any of its files in the program files folder?


You might try removing registry entries for that program using regedit in Windows or a free program such as RegCleaner which I like very much because I find it easier to identify and locate entries for specific programs. Just do a Google search for RegCleaner and other similar free programs. Be very careful to backup registry before removing anything as serious problems may result if critical entries are unintentionally removed. Also to avoid this kind of problem in the future never try to remove programs by deleting files; only remove programs via Add/Remove programs in Control Pannel.

CCleaner is an excellent registry and cleanup freeware. I second the idea to backup the registry before proceeding.