Uninstalling nero

hey i was just wondering if uninstalling nero from my computer using add or remove programs will delete any dll’s i need. i am wondering this because i once uninstalled my adaptec easy cd creator and it did just that. i had to reformat my computer to be able to burn cds again. i tried to download the dll it said was needed, but i kept getting an error message about how it must be the original. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanx.

I’ve unistalled Nero this way and didn’t notice any adverse effects.

i’ve done mine numerous times and never had a problem. try their website under tools and they have some programs there that will tell you how to clean nero totally from your system.

Yeah I’ve done it via Add/Remove but as therockscott said, they also have a progrm to clean your hard drive of nero whihc I believe is conveniently named nero clean

thanx so much.