Uninstalling drive erases firmware?

Hey guys,

If I unistall my DVD Drive through Device Manager and then reinstall it through windows… will it erase my firmware and return to whatever windows installs?

I flashed my DVD drive to make it a GSA-4166b from the original GWA-4166b and it now doesn’t work. It fails all burns.

I thought if I just uninstall it, that might do the trick. Any other advice to get this thing back to original status or working? Thanks

I am wasting my day away at this


When you uninstall something from device manager, you uninstall the IDE driver, not the drive firmware.

To install a firmware you need to use the proper flasher (each brand have its flasher).

Windows don’t install any firmware in the drive.

What did you exactly to your drive that made it don’t work anymore? Have you flashed it with a wrong firmware?

Well Geno, here goes…

from other threads, people have succesfully flashed their GWA-4166b’s (bundled drives) with GSA-4166b (retail drive version) firmware and converted their GWA’s to GSAs… giving them the ability to use the new firmware that comes out for the GSAs. Well, so I did this. Now the drive errors when I try to use it. The flashing was fine, successful…etc. But I need to know how to get it back.

Thanks for any help

If I understand correctly you did a crossflash. Sorry, I don’t know how to recover this drive :frowning:

Not exactly, I can’t get the crossflash to work. I am trying to flash the drive back to it’s original state. I flashed from GWA to GSA and now want to flash back but don’t know how. Do you or anyone else have a suggestion to flash a GSA-4166b back to a GWA-4166b??


My drive is working again. I used the flash utility from the GSA 1.00 firmware and the .bin file from the GWA 1:24 firmware and it worked. Finally. The drive is now back to a GWA-4166b and works as it originally did.

STill have the same problem, it won’t recognize my DVD-R media, but it will now properly burn on +R’s and I’ve had my first successful burn.

Thanks to everyone that helped. I think I’ll just ditch my 200 or so -R’s and go buy some +R’s and call it a day.


GWA is OEM, why don’t you crossflash to an GSA??

Thanks for the suggestion Chef, but crossflashing from GWA to GSA is what started my problems! My drive would fail every time when I did that, which is why I wanted it back to GSA… and now it is working again.

Thanks but no thanks.


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