Uninstalling CPU fan

Recently I decided to upgrade my desktop computer and reduce the noise it produces. I got a new case Thermaltake Lanmoto, a new motherboard ASUS P4P800S-X and an Intel P4 3.2 GHz. All other equipment come from my existing PC which also has an ASUS motherboard. After mounting everything I noticed that the noise level is still high and based on advice from various trustworthy sources I bought a Zalman CPU cooling fan. Now I have a problem. I have to dismantle the standard CPU fan and replace it with the Zalman fan, but whatever I try I can not remove the fan. If I pull with all my force the motherboard and surrounding material will be damaged. Is there a simple trick to remove this fan? Could anybody help please? Help will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

P4 HSF’s are a real bear to remove. If you have a small flat bladed screwdriver, insert it carefully between the latching legs and the retention bracket and twist to unhook the tabs. Continue this on all four legs and lift and twist. The Intel HSF use a thermal pad that solidifies when cool and may be difficult to remove. Take your time and be careful with the surrounding electronics and it will come off.

Thermal pads are a pain. I like to use a blow dryer to heat the sink and soften the pad. Twisting motion is much better than pulling straight away, if the sink allows that.

A small piece of blu-tac on the end of the screwdriver can help it stop slipping off under pressure and slamming into the board or other nearby components

Cut a small strip from a plastic card (credit card type) to use to help scrap remains of the old pad off.

Use a cleaner such as Akasa Tim Clean to fully clean the remaining bits off.

Have you checked that your board will take the Zalman, good as they are most of them require mounting using four holes through the board - has your board got these?

Thanks for all replies. The Zalman fan can be fixed on the motherboard using two clip supports and two screws. Question to HelloShaun: this screwdriver with a small piece at the end, can it be found in specialised shops?

Just to add a final note to this thread, I wish to indicate the safest solution to this problem. Dismantle the motherboard and put it on a flat surface. You can access the screws of the plastic part that constitutes the socket 478 with a thin screwdriver. Unscrew this black plastic part and detach it from the motherboard and the fan comes together with it. Then you can remove the fan and put the part back to its place. This method takes sometime, but is applicable to all kinds of CPU fans.