Uninstalled program-now no D: drive

greetings to the group!

I originally posted this in hardware forum, but since
my CD-RW is working-I thought I shouls try here.

perhaps y’all can help me:

I am running Win2K Pro &
installed a copy of CDRWIN & ForceASPI, then decided
CDRWIN was not
for me, and un-installed it. When I rebooted, low and
behold - no D: drive. I removed the drivers and
allowed Win2K to re-detect the drive & re-install the
drivers. On reboot-still no D: and the device manager
reports: This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)

I tried to repair Win2K installation with the setup CD-ROM &
still nothing!

Anyone know a soulution or where to go for help?

thanks in advance,

Is this another inbuilt feature of CDRWin 5?
Wonder how many other machines it has destroyed to date.

On another board, the suggestion was to install
the most current version with all of the patches &
un-install again. That did the trick.
D: drive returned.