Uninstalled Nero

Hi i am running windows xp pro.
I recently tried burning cd’s with Nero and none of them would complete. So i thought i would uninstall and then reinstall Nero. So i uninstalled and after this it said to restart. So i restarted. Now when my computer starts up it does the windows xp screen with the moving loading bar and then it goes blue screen for about 1 second with a error message that disappears far to fast to catch. The Message goes from the top of then screen to maybe a little more then half down the screen … that is all i know… then it restarts… its does this in whatever mode i try… i.e safemode, safe with command prompt etc… This only happenned after i uninstalled Nero… any ideas guys??

Thx for your time :slight_smile:

When it gets this bad, sounds like a registry gone very bad, unless you have a repair disk handy, which most people neglect to make, youmay be SOL and might have to do a reinstall of XP :frowning:

I have my winxp cd…
Repair Disk??? Would like to know for future use :slight_smile:

Can i reinstall Windows xp without losing my files???

You can simply install on top of what you have now, you wont lose any important files that way, but any softwar ethat registers an unlock key via registry will need to have the key input again. Some software unlock the exe directly, whilst others have an entry in registry that is checked upon software launch.

ok cheers mate :wink:

Have you tried booting in safe mode yet?

Originally posted by Ssseth
Have you tried booting in safe mode yet?

definitely do this. then, after it boots safely (hopefully)

right-click on My Computer > Properties > Advanced > Startup and Recovery (Settings) > System Failure

and uncheck automatically restart, and change small memory dump to complete memory dump. then reboot normally, wait til it BSOD’S, and write down the error code (0x0000whatever). then look this up on microsofts knowledge base, rebooting into safe mode to fix whatevers wrong, if necessary.

btw, getting into safe mode = tapping f8 @ reboot until the advanced boot menu comes up.

safemode, safe with command prompt etc…

I said that :stuck_out_tongue: nah it wont let me boot from any of the options…

if you can figure out how to edit the registry from a dos window, perhaps http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?kbid=307973&product=winxp could help?

//dur - that was dumb. try booting to dos from a bootdisk, and saving the registry file to a floppy. im not sure how big it is, though, probably a little larger than a floppy. but if you can save it, then you can edit it on another pc, reload it, and then we can see your error message.

well ok you can do a repair installation of windows xp without loosing any files or configurations.

First of all boot off an xp cd and then hit enter to setup windows xp. It will search your hard drive and find you already have a copy of windows xp installed. Then you will be given the option to reinstall windows xp in repair mode.

If it works you will be back in business with all your files and configuration and programs working.

If you have an oem computer (ie bought it retail like compaq, gateway, hp whatever) you need to use an OEM version of windows xp to install it. You should have a sticker on the case with the product key on it.

Note by doing this it will be required to activate but thats not a problem because the key on your computer case WILL work to activate it.