Uninstalled Mozilla foxfire and IE is not working. PLease help

My Mother asked my to uninstall mozilla foxfire and put IE back on. So i did, but now IE will not work. every time i connect it say to go to internet options and see if everything look right. As far as i know it does.

please help. I don’t want to mess Mom’s computer up…


It’s hard to help with this, unless maybe you can post some screenshots of what’s happening. Hopefully you’ve got it resolved already. :slight_smile:

did u uninstall ie? if so…maybe try system restore to go back a few days or weeks and let us know

I don’t think you can really remove IE. But if you went to “Set Program Access and Defaults” or “Add or Remove Programs” (same window), and “removed” IE by clicking on the “Add/Remove Windows Components” button on the left, you will have to go back and "Add " it.

Otherwise you may just need to click on the “Set Program Access and Defaults” button, also on the left, and make IE your default.

u can remove ie…its a cluster **** to get it back but its possible…most need it for windows update but i use firefox so ie rarely sees my desktop