Uninstall problems

I searched and couldn’t find anything that helped, might be the search words I used, so if any threads exist on this can you point me to them.

I want to uninstall an anti-virus prog from etrust. It came with the PC and so I used it while I saved up to buy a copy of Norton, there is no uninstall option in the programme list, and so I went for the other option of trying add/remove progs in XP. Now you would think that would work, but no it didn’t as everytime it initialised to uninstall the system crashed and I had to press reset button to get my PC back up and running.

I contacted etrust and was promised thatI would be contacted and nothing this was over a week ago and I am not wasting my time and money on phone calls.

Can anyone recommend a good third party uninstaller?

spybot has a uninstall built in. Will probably label the etrust program as spyware and get rid of it for you.

spybot has a uninstall built in. Will probably label the etrust program as spyware and get rid of it for you. and so you feel even better read this.


Now I didn’t spybot s&d had an uninstall utility, I will have to go through it’s options as I ahve that and adaware for dealing with that side of things. As I said I was using it etrust while I saved as it camew with the PC, I have contaced the PC manufacturer about how poor it is and included the link to that report, maybe they will change to a different company for trial version.

it’s in the tools section almost at the bottom. If that dont kill it we can go through getting rid of a few things that will render it harmless. Run spybot and adaware in full system search / mode. Bet it will spot it. oh using spybot tools the Active X tool. If there is an Active X for it in there remove it. So it don’t phone home anymore

Also if you use Adaware you should first go into your Folder options/View and check “show hidden folders” and uncheck “Hide protected operating system files”.
I read somewhere that Adaware will not check hidden files.

Try starting the computer in 'safe mode" by holding F8 key down when the machine is immediately switched on. Once in safe mode, try the add/remove programs option again. Maybe the program is calling on other resources/features when you try to uninstall in windows normally. It’s worth a try…found it helps when I have had problems uninstalling other touchy software.