Uninstall hell

i had so many problems with my computer that i daid screw it and did a full (destructive) install of win xp but i accidentally used my sons xp disc instead of my own 1 have 4 days left to activate but im not able to but thats ok because i still have my computers origonal cd the only problem is that when i try to use it it tells me that the version im using is newer than the one im trying to use to how do i uninstall the one i accidentally installed??

I had this problem, try setting the BIOS to boot from the CD drive before the hard drives, should make you boot from the CD rather than the hard drive, think you can install over the new XP.

The alternative is to ring up the XP activation line and explain it, and they will either transfer you to a tech support or activate your new software. (if you lied, which you shouldnt’, about rebuilding the computer and then reinstalling everything you could just stick with your son’s software.)

if by rebuild you mean format the disc, no i didnt lie, the only thing i changed was the software and i did try that bios thingey but i still get that message about the version im using is newer than the one im trying to use so i guess i will have to make that call thanx

Yeah, in the end i just gave them a ring and got a code for it, then reinstalled the legal software afterwards.

I didn’t mean to accuse you of lying, but it would be easier TO lie, and just say you’ve changed the computer’s hard drive and that you need to reactivate the computer. Then carry on using your son’s version of XP.

OR you can get a code/program that deactivates the activation bit of XP, i’ve no idea how to get it but it exists. There’s nothing wrong with you using it if you’re going to uninstall the copy of XP anyway… (it’s a hangover from beta testing i think)

Someone here will know about it.

you mean lie to the activation gods?? seriously the only reason i installed the wrong copy is because i came to his disc first in the disc thingey an i was too lazy to continue till i found mine i thought i could just use the code from mine but no such luck

If it’s all good and legal, give Microsoft a call and explain your situation. They should be more than able to help.

Use XP ANTISPY and you can tell the Gods to kiss your ass!!! :bigsmile:

thanx to all who gave input, i actually just followed the “activate online” using the code from my origonal disc and it worked so i quess as long as you have a valid code for the version it doesnt matter whosee hard copy you actually use. whew what a load off!

Dont’ think that thing helps much

you don’t need to uninstall your previously installed xp - 'coz if the (online) activation fails, you still have the chance to enter a NEW serial-number, and in that case you just enter the number from the disc you wanted to use instead of the one you used…

unless one is pro and one is home or one is xp original,sp1 /2 and one is sp1 /2 0riginal, or …

Actually, so long as they’re both the same basic version (home or pro), MS doesn’t much care, their activation thinger will let you off the hook. :slight_smile:

I can install my wife’s machine (license key for XP original) with my disc (slipstreamed XP SP2 + hotfixes) with no trouble using her key. If I forget and use MY key, I can run the activation program after the machine is up and running, change the key, and it’ll activate automatically. :slight_smile: