Uninstall CloneCD

Am trying to uninstall Clone CD . Have got everything into the trash but the file > CloneCD Tray.exe < . Does anyone know how I can remove ? System: AMD, Windows XP Home. Details if you would please. Thank you in advance for your help. RGH

do you use the uninstall method from add remove programs?
if no…use this one
if yes…right click in the tray icon choose close and then uninstall from add remove programs in the control panel.

Well if you didn’t uninstall it using the add/remove program function in the control panel, or using the uninstall icon for CCD in the start menu you can try reinstalling it, and then uninstalling it properly.

if its in the trash restore the files, then un-install it from start>programs>clonecd>uninstall or control panel add remove programs and the tray icon will be gone;)