Uninstall AnyDVD3.2.11 & Nero stops working?

Hi, I hope someone will be able to help me… I have a trial version of anydvd at the moment, and it seems to work fine on my windows 2000 SP4 system with Nero and other burners, but when I unistall it, using either window unistsaller or its own, the uninstall appears to complete successfully, but then when I use nero (ver 6.23 or 6.28, or even 6.3) to simply copy an audio CD, nero express crashes at the end of the first 5 mins of lead in to the CD burn. I would quite like to use anydvd, but this problem is making me very hesitant to use it - I don’t want to ALLWAY have it istalled to make any burning SW work at all, so if anyone can shed some light on this problem, I’d be very grateful.

Many Thanks


How do you know it’s AnyDVD? Nero has more bugs than a dung farm. By “…even 6.3…” do you mean the version that was released today?

Hi, Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. True nero can be rather flakey, but I had nero working for 6 mths before anyDVD, then when anyDVD installed everything still worked fine, but then when I unistalled the first time, the version of nero I was using then (6.23) crashed, so I unistalled nero and installed 6.28 - same problem, but if I put anyDVD back on, the crashing problem went away, then I removed it and the problem came back, so I upgraded to the latest versions of nero (6.30) and any DVD and still have the same problem - install anydvd and it works fine, remove it and nero crashes, put it back on and nero is fine again. Anyway it has really had me going for a few days now, so if you have any ideas, i’m happy to try them.

Thanks, Adrian

OK, I’m just working in Win2K Pro SP6 now with today’s version of Nero and AnyDVD - for some reason, if I start Recode 2 first then AnyDVD, there are no DVDs recognised by AnyDVD …

I’ve done some more digging into the problem and I can get it to occur without unloading AnyDVD, all I need to do is either to select the ‘safe mode’ option or deselect the burner drive and the problem occurs, and then when I put the selection back, it works again. My thoughts are that maybe one or more of my w2k dvd rw drivers are corrupted and when AnyDVD is active it somehow bypasses them - is this possible or am I talking rubbish. If feasable any ideas on how I remove the set of drivers and then reinstate clean new ones?