Uni Results! :D

Beauty and brains —> wanna marry me?

keep that crap away from us!!! didn’t ss call u a dirty old man?? :bigsmile:

You forgot to quote this: :wink:

Wow, Kus_Emmy, that’s something to get those grades without ‘doing anything.’ Was the Dutch, Latin, French, Greek, German and English all year courses? You remembered and somehow understood and mastered all those languages without trying? If that’s the case, maybe you have a talent for languages and should become a translator. I love languages myself, but except for Spanish, I have to study a language each day (like Portuguese) to learn more and keep my skills fresh. :doh:

Kus _Emmy,

very impressive.

Well, as i am a lazy person and i still have to study a bit for those languages, i rather choose the B-side (as we call it in The Netherlands, have no idea if it’s the same in other countries) with maths, sience chemistry etc, because that are subjects that when you understand them (and i usually do) you dont have to learn :smiley:

An interesting way to put it.

I don’t think they call the math/science side the ‘B’ side here (in the US). If it’s languages, they might group them under ‘arts’ or ‘liberal arts,’ with math and science sometimes lumped under ‘sciences.’

Either way, studying isn’t a bad thing. If you get fluent in several of them, you can make good money as a professional translator. Of course, that’s only something you should do if you have the talent for it and if you love it. If it’s the ‘B-side’ you love, then find the field of study you enjoy most and pursue it, then get a job doing it. Then, you’ll have a job you love you’ll eliminate much of the boredom some (or many) complain about in life. :bigsmile:

Kus_Emmy, are all the languages in that list full-year courses? Also, did you choose all of them (that is, are those required to be taken by all students there), or just chose some you thought you would like (that were optional) while taking required ones? I’m curious, because I know Spain requires students to take Spanish, French and English (for example), so that’s the longest list of languages I’ve ever seen. It’s a shame the US doesn’t require primary and secondary students to be fluent in two languages minimum (not including English). :frowning:

got another mark today…overall for the exam and coursework…
not too good though, and 2% off a HD (high distinction), ahhh!!!

Programming Principles 1D(PtA): 78%

Yes it are full-year subjects, and i couldn’t choose them. On Gymnasium you have to study 6 languages :confused: but next year i dont have Greek anymore :smiley:

Is that normal for all high school students there, to have to study that many languages? When you mentioned “On Gymnasium,” is that a certain plan of study?

Keep in mind that the extra subjects are languages.

Ah, well back in the 1940’s, Australia realised that learning dutch (and many other languages) probably wasn’t much point, given that the vast majority of people would never use it. They were relevant to the english, as it was just a quick swim across the channel, but down here it was a 2month trip to get back to england& much of europe.

Of course, the internet didn’t exist back then, nor did the online porn forums posted exclusively in dutch & deustch :wink:

well, my final results have come in, last time i’ll be postin about them :smiley:

Programming Principles 1D(PtA) Higher Education - 78%
Engin Design & Innovation 1A Higher Education - 84%
Computer Systems Engineering 1 Higher Education - 96%
Electric Circuits 1 Higher Education - 65%

pretty average though…

Nice results, congrats. :iagree: