Uni Results! :D

So happy, just got one of my exam marks back unofficially. I’ll like to share my happiness with u guyz…i’ll update this when i get more results.

class exercise mark (out of 10): 10.00
class exercise mark (out of 10): 10.00
exam mark (out of 100): 87.00

How about the other exams?
Don’t show us only the good results. :wink:

Congrats anyway nice results.

namoh, namoh, namoh!!!

i’ll update this when i get more results.

I will but when i get them. I will show everything! :smiley:

Just kidding vdk_au.

If they are all like this, then I’m impressed.

WOW VDK…that is super !!!

cancels her bet with the chat boys… you guys know who you are…and we know my body couldn’t take all that…:smiley:


“CONGRADULATIONS” - I AM Sure You Had To Work Hard For That - Eh?


Congrats! Very, very good results.

Wow, congrats mate!!!

Also, today I finished my end of year exams (like a mock GCSE).

Good job, vdk.

as promised, here’s another one…finally they gave my mark for the oral…so now can post it…this subject’s prob of the most usless subjects, doing only for one semester…thank god…though i wish i cud do as well as this in other subjects but unfortunately not…u’re be shocked how crap some of my other subjects…soon to be released :D…anywayz here’s “Intro To Information Technology” marks…

Weblearn Test 10%: 27/30
Assignment 1- Project/Report: 13.5/15
Homepage: 12/10 (yes…it’s right, bonus marks)
Competency tests (UNIX, and xemacs, so on): 15/15 …I’d fail this if I was to do it again, completely forgot every single command…
Oral Presentation: 9.5/10


well done! :clap: :clap: :bow: :kiss:


Way to go…dear…!!

Way to go, VDK. If the educational system is tougher on scoring like I think it is (at least it is in Europe, Asia, Mexico and Latin America), then that’s really first-rate. :wink: :iagree: :slight_smile: :cool: :smiley:

The US really has tons of grade inflation at all levels (used to be only 25% As [a 9 or 10 of 10] in 1972; in 2000, it was up to 72% As). When you look closely at public schools here, most (90%+ in my experience) are run by principals that tell teachers to raise and change grades–especially to keep failure rates looking very low. The majority of teachers are told to do that or lose their job. I’m one who assigns the grade the student earns, but I can understand why anyone would want to keep a job.

well…it’s only my first yr, so it’s relatively easy, but kinda strugglin in like electric circuits and programming…i think i hate my course…oh well gotta stay with it…i think i probably won’t do as good next semester as the work looks harder…

Enjoy the easier work while it lasts. :wink:

A good solution for that is to try to make 2 or 3 good friends in those classes you find harder. That way, you can study together and help each other. If you have little trouble introducing yourself and making new friends, then that’s to your advantage and it can help your grades, too. :iagree:

Good job! :clap:

But if he may post his results i want that too :stuck_out_tongue: Got my marks back from the whole year. Okay, here we go :smiley: (on a scale from 1 to 10)

Dutch: 7,4 --> 7
Latin: 8,6 --> 9
Greek: 8,8 --> 9
French: 8,9 --> 9
German: 8,8 --> 9
English: 8,7 --> 9
History: 8,9 --> 9
Geography: 9,0 --> 9
Maths: 8,6 --> 9
Sience: 9,4 --> 9
Chemistry: 9,0 --> 9
Drawing: 8,1 --> 8
PE: 7,7 --> 8

And that all without doing anything :smiley: I’m so happy :stuck_out_tongue:

geeze…is it juz aus or do we do alot less then u ppl?

13 subjects? that’s a whole heap!!..

and it’s only half way of the yr! :bigsmile: …well i guess your system works diffrently to us, u now have prob a big holiday rite? still got another whole semester to go…like near end of october…ahhh…well i better enjoy the rest of this wk before uni starts again…and can’t wait for results on monday!!!

Beauty and brains —> wanna marry me? :wink:

Hele mooie cijfers, beetje jammer van die 7 voor NEDERLANDS. :stuck_out_tongue:

Geintje, geniet van je vakantie. :iagree: