Unholy alliances

So , there i was… browsing… reading some slashdot and found one other brilliant post regarding spammers suing spam software companies :

This looks like it’s becoming another “unholy alliance” like the virus / anti-virus market. It’s as if the net had no native problems, so people have had to think up some so they could sell solutions for them. I wouldn’t care if there wasn’t so much collateral damamge to the net’s reputation and so much extra effort on my part for “trash removal” in my corner of the net.

And i come to think…

Unholy alliances on the net… Sounds pretty interesting.

Antivirus software is necessary because there are viruses written by everyone. Patches are necessary because there are exploits found by everyone. Spam blockers are necessary because there are these morons that spam us.

Is there some wacko economy going on which keeps itself intact and ripping us happy netizens of our pretty money , time and intellect ?

Or did i just wake up and smelled some coffee finally ?

This gives of course a new defenition into exploiting technology.

If the people who spam , write viruses and find exploits do … ; What stops me to do something similar ?

Exploit the evil technology and don’t ever be ashamed about it !?

Rip every goddamn piece of sound on the planet to mp3/ogg , whatever. Burn everything on overclocked region free dvd writers and play them on a completely hacked Xbox !

It’s a bit the same like the problem Hemispasm posted, about that cure for AIDS. If everything went fine, a lot of people and companiers would be without work. So there is always a possibility they keep themselves alive.

I have 2 words:

consperacy theory.:stuck_out_tongue:

or not, next we find out that the anti-vir companies are paying the vir writers. . .

              that would be weird . . :confused:

Just remember, every last thing on this planet has a price, including you and me. Every last thing on this planet must pay a price to live, every plant and every animal, including you and me.
NOT necessarily for a profit, but for many reasons.

I have wondered, because virus’ seem so prevailent, if the AV software companies doesn’t promote or entice people to write these virsus’. Seems far fetched, but I know similar things has happened concerning other things.

I have absolutely no problem with anyone copying or passing along anything they so desire. Don’t forget Bill Gates founded Microshaft on theivery, deception and lies. And now he’s a hypocrit!


How about spam and spamfilters?

I wouldn’t be surprised if people making copy protections started to make programs that could copy them.

Originally posted by Chriso
I wouldn’t be surprised if people making copy protections started to make programs that could copy them.

It’s already happened in a way.
Several of the the CD Burners are owned by companies that makes and markets copy protection programs for CDs. Sony any Plextor comes to mind quickly.

That’s a small reason I wouldn’t doubt anything else is possible.