Unhappy with new Gen BENQ drives

I am an original owner of the 1620(this was the best drive I have ever owned in my life) this unit was magic it burn everything with 98-99% score on cd speed(yuden and Vebatim) I only use yuden and verbatim

Recently I purchased the 1655DW and while it does make readable burns, I am unhappy with it’s overall quality. Scores range in the 95-97% which is fine, but i see too many PI failures space tightly amongst each other. Plus it likes to burn dudes every so often. Never ever had this problem with 1620. I have used all the firmware’s plus had this drives install on my other computer with same results. Oh yeah Light scribe is a big gimmick, the end result for most designs look like rubbish.

Since BenQ’s optical division has been acquired by lite-shit on, i wonder if we will ever see the glory days of the benq burners ever again.

I am anal about burning quality discs both SL and DL, I am seriously thinking of moving over to the Plextor camp(i know all about the problems with there previous drives, some of them were shit) but there new 755-760 models are looking good. I realize I will be charged 3 times the price just to own one.

What other good alternatives are there for me, if looking for another drive manufactur that can live up to the 1620/1640 drives?

As for my plextor purchase am I making a mistake, people are telling me there drives are dudes, prone to faliure and just a plan rip-off.

here have a peak at some of my burns, these are just randomly pick.

I feel your pain. I just had a 1640 die and Benq replaced it with a 1650. Boy do I miss that 1640. The 1650 is OK, but not able to live up to the 1640. I have never owned a 1620, but if I believe it is as good, if not better than a 1640.

1640 was basically a 1620 that could perform faster DL and SL Burns, either than that both stand as BENQ’s crème Del la crop, any other drive after that was IMO average.

I may be mistaken, but this looks like a DW1620 rebadged. Take a look.

<a href=“http://www.compusa.com/products/product_info.asp?pfp=BROWSE&N=200765+502481+4294966229+4294966849&Ne=300675&product_code=340024&Pn=Internal_IDE_DL_DVD_RW_Drive”>Rebaged DW1620</a>

No, that’s a picture of the BenQ DW1670. If you go to the store and actually see the box, the drive is a LG, either H10A or H10N. There is, however, a disclaimer that the model pictured on the box may not represent the actual drive. It’s just another rebadger like I/O Magic and Norwood Micro.

Nvidia256, while I admit the 1620 was a great burner, just as the NEC 3500 was, but why are you so “anal” about some graphs? If you continue to use real, quality media like Taiyo Yuden, then your concerns are minimized. There’s never a guarantee another drive will perform better from any manufacturer.

Nvidia256, what are the SB/WOPC/OS settings of those two good burns? Yes they are good burns but if you want to make it better you could try to set SolidBurn Off and WOPC OFF.

Also, you can try newer firmwares such as BCGB or BCHB.

At least your burns look OK (to me), mine was actually coastering my T02s even at stock but a strat swap solved that quickly. BenQ seems distracted after the merger.


The problem may be with the BenQ scanning rather than with the burns themselves. I have seen anomalies and errors that never showed up in any Liteon scans no matter which of three drives I used. Part of this may be their scanning but I am becoming more convinced that it is due to 8X scanning. I have already started to see similar problems show up when the latest Liteon series of drives are used to scan at 8X; no problems at 4X.

For the record, my BenQ 1655 with BCDB does as good a job with YUDEN000 T02 and MCC 004 (either US version) as have seen on my LGs, or Pioneers or 3500 NEC, but, of course, scanned at 4X.

The LG 4167 seems to burn my Verbatim -R’s better than my BenQ1650 (BCDC, SB on or off)

EDIT - Am I supposed to be getting these frequent read spikes during the scan?

My personal experience with the 1650 is a very pleasing one, and I had a 1620 and a 1640 before. I would NOT go back. :disagree:

Maybe recent Benq units come in different “flavours” because of quality variation, I don’t know, but my own unit burns everything just as good as did my older Benq drives. Here’s what T02 looks like with mine… no comment. :bigsmile:

I have tried different firmware versions as well as played around with wopc soldburn etc…Also when the drive burns duds, taking a look at the disc i can see a ring on a fully burnt disc.

I use imageBurn to burn my media, not nero cause nero gives me worse results.

The 1620 still performed much better and I was able to burn 8X media to 12x with 98-99% with this new dw1655 that is a fairy tale, any overspeed burning will result in less quality, and the reason why I have become anal is because of this forum. My hopes is that maybe the overpriced plex might be up to the job, cause i need a burner that will give be top notch burns, along with high qulaity scans.

Nvidia256, what are the SB/WOPC/OS settings of those two good burns? Yes they are good burns but if you want to make it better you could try to set SolidBurn Off and WOPC OFF.

Only the first I consider good, and my friend that is rare, most my burns are 95-97%, but like I said the overall score is not what matter it’s the amount of PI failures that really worry me take a look at my 1620 burns in this thread, actually I post them here for you guys to see.

evaluate my 2 drives just take a look

BenQ 1620

BenQ DW1655 -as you can see all my dw1655 burns always always start of with a spike in PI right at the beginning. Pisses me right the **** off

Well, the media you used are from different batch and MIDs. Also you’re comparing your 2005 batch with a new ones. There is media variability you need to take into account. I would try to burn the same batch from the same spindle in your 1620 and 1655 and then compare.

Also as said, try the 1655 with SB OFF and WOPC OFF. From my personal experience, burning TY and MCC without SolidBurn is just as good, if not better. That being said, the 1620 has it advantages for not having SolidBurn support and just able to burn a YUDEN000T02 up to 16x with its own writing strategy (not SB strategy).

Lastly, dark rings on the burnt disc means there is something wrong. Either the media, your drive/firmware, or your system (bad PSU, IDE cable, etc).

I agree. Not to start a long discussion on the merits of SB on or off, but I’ve gotten better results with it off with basically every combination I’ve ever tried and newer Benqs produce great results with the likes of T02, MCC04, etc. without the aid of SB so I suggest turning it off and seeing what kind of results you get.

Also, I saw in another thread you are looking to buy a Plextor. No offense and Plextor makes some decent drives (with a number of problems I might add and I think that there are a number of better drives out there at 1/3 of the cost), but if you are planning on using only MCC04 and TY just about any modern drive can produce good results, if your Benq turns out to be producing lower results and you don’t want to try another Benq, there are number of other drives that you can get for around $30 shipped that can perform very well with MCC and TY. My Liteon 160P6S does a nice job and it can be found for about $30, there are other choices out there as I said though. While I’m more a fan of my Benq 1640 and I think that Liteon’s earlier DVD burners were usually average at best, their latest models are a definite improvement and perform quite well.

I probably have a sub par unit, oh well.

What about the pioneer111 i hear many good things about it, only thing is comming from BENQ I am a DVD+r person.

with a number of problems I might add and I think that there are a number of better drives out there at 1/3 of the cost),

By the way the people on the Plextor forum are telling me that the Plex drives will not offer me better burns then the competitiors. If this is true I guess I have to go shopping for a new drive of some sort but what. You say there are many others just as good as the plex might you name them those few.


Well, I have a Benq 1650, 1655 and 1620, aswell as a Plextor 755A.
My most used burner is the Plex, as it gives me constant high quality without playing around with those special features like SB…
See my scans here:http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=187098

besides, my Benq 1655 just died a few days ago and the first drive I got back from Benq was faulty…the second drive too. :Z
Now I throw the 1655 away and ordered a LiteOn 165P6S.

Same here with my Benq 1640, consistently great results and I NEVER use SB anymore, except in the rare occasion that I overspeed, in which case I have to enable it.

Pioanoman, “Liteon” ehhhhhhh…

Since they are now utilizing the Benq R&D I would assume that hopefully there drive division will benefit and improved from the Intellectual property they have acquired.

Hmmm … more mountains out of molehills …

The 1620 has been an exceptionnal drive. Don’t forget that it has been supported for more than two years by Benq.
I am sure the 1650 have a better potential than the 1620, but Benq has already made its name (tantks to all 1620 owners), and doesn’t need to spend a huge amount of money in supporting the new drives anymore. Today being named BenQ is enough to sell.