Unfortunatelly Firmware update doesnt work through USB Bus

Hello Guys,

A friend of mine got NEC 2510A.It is working fine.

But when we tried to update the unit via Mad Dog’s Firmware,simply we were unable to because the unit is connected to the notebook Via USB 2.0 Controller (NEC Usb 2.0 Controller) and thus program for some reason doesnt
see the unit.

Now without a Desktop PC system is there a workaround for this ?

Surely if program author changes the way the for the device detection
algorithm this problem can be solved easily.But before program author does this do you have any ideas ?

We were just simply update the firmware to 2.16 Herrie Modded.RPC 1 Removal was done.But for more what can be done ?


Get a binary firmware and use BinFlash. You are probably unable to flash because the firmware updater is looking for a specific device ID that does not match yours. Probably Mad Dog’s ID.

yep, mine is connected via USB2.0 and i’ve upgraded my FW twice without any problems